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Deus Prometh is a character in Promare.

A scientist who has been researching Burnish for many years as a national research team. Much about the man and his research remain a mystery.

Portrayal: Arata Furuta

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Deus Prometh is a shorter, elderly man, with a slightly hunched stature. His greyish-white hair and beard are noticeably exaggerated and he appears not to have eyebrows. His eyes are an icy blue.

Dr. Prometh usually wears a long white lab coat, black slacks and suspenders, a pink dress shirt, and a black necktie. He has a single pen in his left breast pocket.

History Edit

Before Promare Edit

Deus Prometh was a lead scientist on the national research team studying the Burnish. During his research, Dr. Prometh not only discovered the existence of the Promare, but also developed anti-Burnish technology and the prototype for the Promatech Engine. Dr. Prometh's findings eventually culminated in the discovery of an event that could potentially doom the entire planet to an event that would dwarf the Great World Blaze by comparison. Unfortunately, due to a conflict of interest in how to proceed regarding the apocalyptic revelation, Prometh was murdered by a fellow researcher and his findings stolen.

However, Dr. Prometh had predicted this outcome and had already uploaded his entire consciousness into a computer system hidden in a laboratory beneath the frozen lake. During the years leading up to the events of Promare, Prometh continued to monitor the entirety of Promepolis through a network of hidden cameras. While he bid his time, Prometh worked on developing a weapon capable of preventing the opening of a warp gate by Kray Foresight.

Promare Edit

After Galo, Lio, and Aina accidentally evaporate the frozen lake, they come across Dr. Prometh's laboratory. This results in Deus introducing himself to the trio.

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Trivia Edit

  • Deus is Latin for “god”
  • Deus’s last name “Prometh” was shorted from “Prometheus” an immortal who gave humans fire that he stolen from mount Olympus than punished by the gods for it from the Greek myth.

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