Ignis Ex (イグニス・エクス) is a character in Promare.

The captain of Burning Rescue in his 30s. He makes wise decisions and leads the other members. He trusts his team as they trust him.

Portrayal: Rikiya Koyama


Wise and dignified, Ignis Ex is the reliable captain of Burning Rescue. His appreciation for his crew does not fall short of the trust they give him in return. He is shown to stand up to those who threaten his team and ensures their safety.


Ignis is a tall, middle-aged man with very short blonde hair and mustache. He almost always wears his firefighter jacket, and underneath sports a white tank-top and torn blue jeans. His belt has two pouches, and he wears a gold chain and sunglasses for accessories. Although obscured by his jacket, he has a pair of tribal tattoos: one on his right bicep and the other on his left bicep and shoulder.

History Edit

Galo-Hen Edit

In Galo-Hen, Ignis is given Galo as a new recruit by Kray Foresight. Kray tells him and Remi to "use Galo freely." Three days later, he has Galo properly introduce himself to the team. As Galo's introduction goes on, he finds Galo isn't taking his new job seriously and ends up breaking his Matoi.

Eventually, an emergency siren breaks out, leaving the team to head out. While Galo is almost left behind, he argues for himself that this could work as job experience. Ignis then decides to have Lucia take care of Galo.

During the emergency, Lucia informs Ignis of Galo's plan. Her calculations conclude that his plan had the highest survival rate for the rescuer. Thus, Ignis agrees to the plan. After the rescue of Thyma, Ignis shows the same amount of respect towards Galo as he does with his other peers.

Promare Edit

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Galo Edit

Burning Rescue Edit

As the leader of Burning Rescue, his coordination of the team earns him respect from his fellow members. He puts a high emphasis on their safety to ensure rescues go accordingly. He doesn't allow for nonsense. Thus, he may be strict on occasion.

Vulcan Edit

Ignis appears to have a long and negative history with Vulcan, with the two fighting whenever they cross paths.


Trivia Edit

  • Ignis’ design was based off The Rock and his Japanese VA dubs over The Rock’s roles in Japanese. [1]

References Edit

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