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Join me as we celebrate his great achievement, the annihilation of Mad Burnish!

—Kray, Galo's badge ceremony

Kray Foresight (クレイ・フォーサイト) is a main character in Promare.

The administrator of the Independent Republic of Promepolis and chief director of the Foresight Foundation. He used to research fireproof building materials, but soon developed an instant-freeze bullet that can put out a Burnish fire. Galo looks up to him as a result of being pulled from a fire by Kray when he was young.

Portrayal: Masato Sakai


At face value, Kray appears to be a kind individual who is willing to sacrifice and give to the people. As he is mainly associated with his research and Galo's rescue, many believe Kray to be that of a savior. His Japanese voice's much quieter tone is an indication of this. Imagery around Promepolis depicts him as a savior to all with his company's logo admist it all. His history with anti-Burnish procedures make him cunning and tech-savvy.

However, contrary to his soft-spoken and gentle persona, Kray is in actuality a very aggressive and easily angered tyrant. He desires nothing more than to be seen as a savior and hero by humanity, specifically Promepolis, and to this end is willing to do whatever, and sacrifice whoever he believes necessary to achieve his goals. Furthermore, his refusal to abandon the promatech engine and Parnassus plan ends up nearly dooming Earth. Those who defy him are but "terrorists" to him.

During his fight with Lio de Galon, Galo and Lio point out his hypocrisy, how he has other means to stop the flames beneath, only for Kray to become even more angrier. Once more, he is also willing to sacrifice billions of people for the measly amount of ten thousand select individuals that live in Promepolis. He finds no regrets with his own actions, even gloating about his victims' misery to Lio.


Kray is a toned man who towers over most people and often has a soft expression with closed eyes. His blonde hair is slicked back, his hairline bearing a widow's peak and the raised hair resembling a crown. Kray also has a movable prosthetic that is noir in color. However, it is hidden underneath several layers of clothes. His uniform is white featuring blue segments. Golden metals can be seen at his shoulders and chest. Underneath the cape of his suit, red is visible. When he begins to unravel to his true self, his eyes are wide with small, red irises and pinpoint pupils. His hair becomes unruly, standing up with long waves and down in his face.

After his reveal as a Burnish, Kray's hair is set aflame with yellows and pinks. His complexition occasionally matches, bearing a pink tinge. Dark shadows surround his eyes. Kray's prosthetic is replaced with magma-like flames powerful enough to restrain the likes of Lio. The uniform he wears is torn at the left sleeve.


Before Promare

Galo hugs Kray.

Kray Foresight was once an undergrad scientist researching and developing technology to counteract the Burnish threat. He worked under Dr. Deus Prometh, who he would later murdered and stole his research from. Around this period, Kray himself became Burnish. While he tried to resist at first, his body would suddenly overflow and burned down a nearby complex. This left him without an arm. Suddenly, a child escapes from within. That child was Galo Thymos. Kray used the incident to frame himself as a hero to the public with Galo as an alibi.

Following these events, Kray would work tirelessly in an attempt to completely extinguish the Burnish through the foundation of groups such as the Burning Rescue and the Foresight Foundation. This effort culminated in the foundation of the city of Promepolis, which Kray watches over and protects as Governor.


During the events of Galo-hen, Kray recommends Ignis and Remi Galo as a new recruit. While Galo passed all his EMT exams, he had no work experience in the field. This causes the duo to hesitate. Kray continues to insist, saying that Burning Rescue can use him freely. As Kray had saved Promepolis in the past, they reluctantly agree to add him to the squad, contemplating on whether or not Galo was actually capable or a moron.


Kray Foresight first appears during a medal ceremony congratulating Galo Thymos, a rookie member of the Burning Rescue, for the capture of the leader of the Burnish organization Mad Burnish. As he awards Galo, he tells him to continue protecting Promepolis from the likes of Mad Burnish.

After this, Galo begins to reminise of Kray's rescue of him at a local pizzeria. Surrounding said pizzeria is various imagery of Kray. One specific instance shows a news report of Kray at a funeral. However, the subject is soon changed to Heris, the head scientist at the Foresight Foundation and Aina's sister.

When Lio informs Galo of Kray's crimes against the Burnish, the firefighter waits for him at his office building. Kray soon arrives with Biar with the former noticing Galo. From this, Galo attempts to return his medal to the governor in his office. He begins to question him on the Burnish experiments. Governor Kray then decides to show Galo his plans. Underground, Kray explains that in six months, the world will be overflown with magma. This specific disaster is said to be worse than the Great World Blaze. To prevent this, Kray decided to use the flames of the Burnish to transport Promepolis away from Earth to another planet light-years away.

Kray after hitting Galo

At Heris' lab, a proper display is made out of a recently captured Burnish man for the promatech engine. The experiment is a success. Everyone is made happy by the result besides Galo and the now-suffering Burnish whose left arm is destroyed. Galo insists that this isn't the right thing to do, claiming the magma could merely be extinguished. However, Kray continues to insist he considered the possibility despite his high status. This eventually results in Kray having one of his guards point a gun to Galo's back, him hitting Galo with his prosthetic, and admitting to Galo that he despises him. He then sends the younger man to be incarcerated.

As Kray leaves with Heris, she comments her thoughts on the migration plan and Kray. Kray in turn thanks her for her approval as he places a hand on her shoulder. Some time later, Heris would test the recently completed engine, stating it to be a success through an intercom in Kray's office. Kray thus begins preparations for the Parnassus.

Around a week later, Lio rampages in Promepolis, demanding Kray release the Burnish prisoners after a recent raid. He eventually comes out to face Lio, only for Galo to take Lio down. His prosthetic hand is shown glowing, foreshadowing his abilities. He then gets ready to transport Promepolis with the Parnassus. For this, he barricades all entrances from non-listees. However, Heris appears, insisting they wait for Aina who was personally requested by Dr. Ardebit. This results in him threatening her to return to the engine room.

As the ship begins to fly up into the night sky, Galo and Lio return in Deus X Machina. Kray attempts to shoot them to no avail. Between all this, Aina attempts to warn Heris against the dangers of the migration plan, only for Kray to cut off her communication. As Galo and Lio attempt to destroy the ship's tower and surface, Kray decides to fight them off with his own mecha. A fight commences within the city inside the ship. During all the commotion, Heris destroys the engine's core via overheating, leaving Kray even more enraged. At first, Krazor-X overpowers the duo, but they eventually freeze the two mechs in place.


Kray then takes the opportunity to mock Lio, resulting in Lio taking the bait to finish the tyrant for good. However, he is suddenly captured by a Burnish Kray's lava-like hand. After explaining his past, he attempts to kill Galo, flinging him off the mechs, and leaves with Lio, his newest fuel source. Using Deus X Machina's core, Lio is tied inside by Kray to fuel the entirety of the promatech engine. As the former is nearly left to die, Galo suddenly appears once more and frees him. This results in Kray attempting to light the man ablaze. However, as Lio protected Galo with his flames previously, Kray's Promare has no effect on him. Galo then punches him in the face and resolves to save the world with Lio. Kray is only left to watch as they leave to create Galo de Lion.

After all the Promare is gone from Earth, Kray is shown without his prosthetic nor flames, sitting in disappointment. He briefly talks with Lio, showing bitter resentment. According to artwork in the Memorial book, he was soon arrested in the aftermath.



Galo, Kray, and Biar.

Galo met Kray after his home was set aflame by him. Oblivious to this, he rushes into his arms in tears. Seeing this as an opportunity to distance himself from suspicion, Kray carries the boy to a growing crowd. The older man was then recognized as a local hero, causing Galo to idolize him. It is implied his "rescue" of Galo helped him reach his role as governor, as he finds Galo to be useless after. Furthermore, it fueled the popularity of his stolen research. Kray finds Galo to be a nuisance who only gets in his way. With Galo still following him as an adult, he assigns him to Burning Rescue to eventually kill him. This changes nothing.

After Galo's capture of Lio Fotia, Governor Foresight awards him with a medal during a ceremony, implied to be that of propaganda favoring himself. In said ceremony, he introduces Galo with "your Galo Thymos" to imply his distain of him. This results in the younger man bragging about his award up until Lio reveals the truth to him. With this, Galo later attempts to return it, claiming neither of them deserve it, which ends up having Kray explain his plans with Promepolis. After confirming Galo doesn't support said plans, he soon physically assaults him with a punch to the stomach and sends him to a jail cell to eventually be executed as a 'terrorist' who attacked Kray. This results in Galo losing all trust in Kray and crying to himself.

At the Parnassus' launch, Kray later attempts to fight off Galo and Lio in his mecha Krazor-X, resulting in heavy destruction to the city inside. After Lio tries and fails to kill Kray, the govenor then reveals to Galo he was the one to set his house aflame. He then attempts to kill him twice more. Despite this, Galo ends up punching him in the face later and saves the world with Lio. He comments that he would even save someone as despicable as Kray.


As the leader of Mad Burnish, Lio finds Kray to be detestable for his history of torturing Burnish and using them as fuel sources. Kray, on the other hand, frames all Burnish as terrorists who function on impulse. Both find the other abhorrent and have attempted to kill each other in several instances.

After Lio takes out Freeze Forces' bullet, Kray was his main target. Lio threatens to destroy the city and Kray if he refuses to release the imprisoned Burnish underneath the city. Kray merely appears atop the tower, waiting for him. If Galo had not intervened, Lio and Kray would of likely began to fight, as evidenced by Kray's glowing hand. After the mecha fight with Krazor-X and Lio de Galon, Kray begins to mock Lio, resulting in Lio attempting to kill him. He fails. As Kray is also Burnish, Lio is captured while Galo's flung off. Thinking Galo died, Lio calls Kray a monster. He is later turned into the promatech engine's core as a fuel source. Lio is almost killed from the machine up until Galo's rescue.

After the world is saved and all of the Promare flames are removed from Earth, Lio and Kray are briefly seen talking. Kray comments Lio's actions to be "uncalled for."


Biar is Kray's assistant both politically and at the Foresight Foundation. As such, she follows him where ever he goes and completes various tasks for him. She may occasionally put herself in charge of the scientists aboard. Her specific thoughts on Kray are that of indifference as she doesn't react to Kray's anger nor feelings in general. She is only briefly surprised from him reacting to Deus X Machina during the Parnassus' launch. So long as they both benefit, neither care for the repercussions.


Heris and Kray

Heris is the head scientist in charge of the Burnish experiments and the transportation plan using the Burnish as a fuel source. She agrees to work with Kray at the promise of her sister being on board. From this, the Parnassus plan and formation of the promatech engine result in Kray nearly succeeding. As it would later turn out though, Kray ignores her pleas to wait for Aina and cares more for his appearance of a hero. He resolves to threaten her with guards. After Aina contacts her, she would eventually betray Kray herself by overloading the ship's machinery and destroying the core. Kray blames her love for her sister for her actions. This would eventually result in Kray's downfall.


Kray cooperated with Dr. Deus Prometh for Burnish research. However, the elderly man questioned the morality of transporting Promepolis only and the treatment of both the Burnish and Promare. From these concerns, Deus would later be murdered by Kray and have his research stolen. However, Dr. Prometh predicted this, resulting in him putting his conscious into AI and hiding his blueprints for Deus X Machina from the scientist. The latter would later be used by Galo and Lio. When Kray sees Deus X Machina in the film, he recognizes the mech, implying he saw blueprints before they were properly hidden away.

Freeze Force

Freeze Force is in charge of collecting Burnish prisoners and test subjects for the Foresight Foundation to use. This is why they will even capture non-Mad Burnish members for quantity. Foresight provides them their gear, such as their guns and cuffs. This trade allows for both parties to benefit. With Vulcan specifically, the captain is shown enforcing the governor's laws onto the innocent. No matter who is hurt, neither party fully cares so long as things go according to plan.

Mad Burnish

Kray finds Mad Burnish to be nothing more than a terrorist group who wrecks havoc in the city of Promepolis. Multiple security measures surround the tower, acting as an indication of the previous statement. According to the prequel shorts and movie, Mad Burnish has a tendency to target the foundation's pharmaceutical buildings. Like all Burnish besides himself, they are considered a fuel source.


Aina was one of ten thousand listees for the Parnassus' launch. This was in thanks to a deal struck by Heris and Kray: so long as Aina is aboard, Heris will conduct various inhumane experiments on the Burnish and control the engine. However, Aina does not appear, resulting in the deal being broken and Heris being threatened. At the last minute, Aina arrives in Sky Ms. to reveal Kray's involvement in Deus' murder and the dangers of the migration plan. Kray immediately terminates her communication signal as damage control. After Heris' betrayal, Kray blames her love for her sister for his downfall.

Burning Rescue

During Galo-hen, Kray is briefly shown coordinating with Burning Rescue to find new applicants. Governor Foresight insists on having Galo join. Reluctantly, Ignis and Remi agree. When Galo goes missing and is thrown into jail, his co-workers find themselves doubting what happened, but going against Kray would do nothing at this point. They later assist in the defeat of Freeze Force and the Foresight Foundation.


Kray observing experiment.

Despite being Burnish himself, Kray appears to have distain towards them, claiming that the suppression of pyrokinesis is possible and that he himself is an example of this. With the assistance of Dr. Ardebit and Freeze Force, he observes several experiments on fellow Burnish such as Thyma and the pizzeria cook. Kray claims this to be necessary. However, as pointed out by Galo, Lio, and Deus, alternative means were possible which did not allow for immorality. Furthermore, while the Parnassus' launch has no confirmed deaths, Thyma and others were shown to have died from Kray's experiment conductions with Heris. In the event this hypocrisy is pointed out to him, he resolves to ignore, claim it improbable or become enraged to the point of physical assault.

The means of fueling the promatech engine was designed by Kray during his partnership with Dr. Prometh. This method uses the Burnish as that of a fuel source. With said means, both the Burnish and Promare flames are harmed, resulting in the magma below rising evermore. His pure hatred is what nearly caused the destruction of the entire planet. His goal of becoming a hero to those contained in the Parnassus outweighs his care.


  • "Now, allow me to introduce, Burning Rescue's rookie hero. Your Galo Thymos!"
  • (to Galo about badge) "Even if that is the case, I don't see why you'd need to return it."
  • (about the world's destruction) "The devastation will make the Great World Blaze look like nothing."
  • (to Galo) "Don't call me 'Gov'!"
  • (to Lio) "Mad Burnish, I'm the one you want!"


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  • Kray was a college student when he first interacted with Dr. Deus Prometh and Galo, who was a child at the time.
  • Both him and Lio are the only two Burnish shown to use their flames to fly, with the former creating wings for himself.


  • Kray’s name is derived from Kratos, the god of power and might. Kratos and Bia are twin giants who assisted in punishing Prometheus in mythology[note 1].
    • This comparison was confirmed by Koyama in the limited Collector's Edition booklet, who took inspiration from the mythos for his design[1].
  • Foresight is the English word for prediction, precaution, or planning ahead.
    • It is worth noting Prometheus' name, which is where Dr. Prometh and the Promare come from, is thought to mean foresight, foreshadowing Kray's connections with both.

Intertextuality and References

  • He bears a fairly strong resemblance to another character from Trigger's work, Ira Gamagōri.
  • Kray's cable arm was made to resemble the Winter Soldier[2].
    • Superman also played as an inspiration to form the appearance of a masculine parental-like hero[1].
  • Kray appears in the Japanese mobile game Monster Strike alongside other Trigger characters.

Story Concepts

  • To create his designs, staff would begin with his more demented design and work backwards. This would allow for a smoother transition. His hair was also intentionally made to resemble a crown to imply his own god complex. Some of these concepts were found to be 'too crazy.'
  • In an earlier draft, Gueira attempted to assassinate Kray, which would result in him being thrown in jail and meeting Galo. This did not come into fruition in the final product[3].
    • Kray, Vulcan, and Lio were to all to be arrested in earlier scripts. Due to its morbid tone, this was removed[3].
      • In the memorial book, an illustration of Kray eating pizza in jail can be found. This may be Kray's fate after the movie.


  • His Japanese voice actor, Masato Sakai, is most well-known for his role as the main character in the 2009 film, The Wonderful World of Captain Kuhio.
    • Voice acting wise, he voiced Rei Fukai in the Yukikaze OVA and Agent Malder in Yo-kai Watch 3.
  • Crispin Freeman, the English voice for Kray, is known for playing Winston in Overwatch, Itachi Uchiha in the Naruto series, Kyon in the Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya, and Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate.
  • During a panel for the film, Kray was constantly referred to by staff as "Big Daddy Kray[2]."
  • Fullmetal Alchemist creator Hiromu Arakawa made fanart of Kray's design post-reveal, sharing it on Twitter[4].




  1. Bia is referenced with Biar, a fellow Foresight Foundation member.


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