Lucia Fex (ルチア・フェックス) is a character in Promare.

A mechanic at Burning Rescue, she handles the development and maintenance of Burning Rescue's equipment. She also invented Galo's Matoi Tech.

Portrayal: Mayumi Shintani

Personality Edit

A genius and inventor behind the majority of the Burning Rescue's equipment. Lucia appears to have no interests aside from her inventions and experiments. She's more than willing to use active missions for field research. Lollipops and other food can be seen in her locker, making her out to be gluttonous.

She is also always accompanied by Vinny, implying she has a love for animals.

Appearance Edit

Lucia is a pale-skinned, blue-eyed, short, and slender scientist and inventor. Her hair is blonde with a mix of pink highlights, which she wears tied in two buns.

She wears a knee-high, white lab coat with a lacy, dress-like pattern on the hems and collar, and a large "3" imprinted on the lower left side. Her sleeves are usually rolled up to the elbow showing off a pair of seafoam-green medical gloves. She always wears the coat open.

Beneath the coat, Lucia wears a plain black bra and red plaid skirt, held up by a two-row studded black belt. She wears purple and black thigh-high striped stockings. Her shoes are black and white platform sneakers.

Around her neck, she wears a plain black choker and a black and green respirator. On her head rests a pair of orange-lensed goggles.

History Edit

Galo-Hen Edit

In Galo-Hen, Lucia and her fellow team members are introduced to their newest member: Galo Thymos. Like her other members, Lucia is left confused by Galo's interest in Edo period firefighters. She does ask Galo questions at least and even brings up an image of ancient matois.

Suddenly, the station's emergency sirens go off, leaving the team to head out. Lucia is put in charge of Galo. This ends up resulting in Galo getting impatient, much to Lucia's dismay. She then notes the presence of one last survivor stuck inside. This inspires Galo to cover himself with extinguishing gel and head out.

According to Lucia, Galo's plan had the highest success rate of the rescuer surviving, making him out to be commendable to his peers.

Promare Edit

Relationships Edit

Galo Edit

Galo is one of Lucia's co-workers and the creator of Galo's Matoi Tech. After his introduction to the team, he is forced into staying with Lucia. According to Lucia's calculations, his plan had the highest success rate of both Thyma and himself making it out safe, resulting in Burning Rescue putting their trust in him.

When Galo is imprisoned, Lucia comments on wanting to test out more gadgets on him.

Varys Edit

Varys and Lucia are commonly shown together. Whether this be Varys carrying her around or the duo working on mechanics, they seem to have a close friendship.

Vinny Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Lucia’s last name “Fex” come from (-fex)  a suffix used in Latin to donating to a maker or producer.
  • Lucia's blonde hair, drill hair style, and orange goggles might have been inspired by Spring, a character from Studio Trigger's mascot trio, the Trigger Girls.
  • Lucia’s original design was more mature.
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