Remi Puguna (レミー・プグーナ) is a character in Promare.

The vice-captain of Burning Rescue. A handsome, smart dressing young man that is just as intelligent as he looks. He is an indispensable advisor to Captain Ignis.

Portrayal: Hiroyuki Yoshino


Calm and handsome, Remi Puguna has the intellect to match his fine looks. He is also the Lieutenant of the task force, making him one of Ignis's most trusted staff.

His demeanor is very blunt and straight forward, often saying exactly what is on his mind.


Remi has a blue-ish green bowlcut and glasses. He is of medium height and thin frame.


Trivia Edit

  • Remi’s last name “Puguna” is derived from (pugna) which means “a fight, battle, combat, action” in Latin.
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