Thyma (シーマ) is a side character from Promare.

Portrayal: Mao Ichimichi

Personality Edit

In her brief appearances, Thyma appears to be a fairly meek person who keeps to herself, as Thyma doesn't attempt to leave the Mad Burnish. She is made upset by her sudden turning of a Burnish, where up until Gueira and Meis calm her down, Thyma tries to deny.

When she is found by Lio, she is shown reaching out to Lio, showing that she still has some consciousness.

Appearance Edit

Thyma is a tan skinned, thin woman with pink-ish brown hair and green eyes. With her hair, she wears a blue bandana. She wears a black and white top, a white lab coat, black tights, and white boots. Thyma also sports golden hoop earrings. On her person is an employee badge.

When she is found again by Lio, Gueira, and Meis, she is heavily bandaged up and sports none of her previous accessories. She instead wears a grey prison outfit. Her head and arms are wrapped in bandages.

History Edit

Galo-Hen Edit

Thyma Burnish flares

Thyma's snake.

During the events of Galo-Hen, Thyma is found to be trapped inside one of the office buildings. The camera footage shows Thyma hitting at the door. Lucia concludes she was locked in from the heat in the building. This eventually results in Galo going in to save her.

After regaining consciousness, Thyma suddenly turns into a Burnish, causing her to accidentally burn Galo's left arm. She is horrified by this, as her flames end up forming a giant snake. Before she or anyone else can do anything. Gueira and Meis step in and take her away from the area.

Lio-Hen Edit

After driving for a while, Gueira and Meis properly introduce themselves to Thyma alongside other Burnish. Thyma continues to be in denial of what happened, causing her flames to lash out once more. Everyone is left unaffected by it. Gueira and Meis explain that they all just suddenly became Burnish in some stroke of fate and that, if she wanted, Thyma could join Mad Burnish.

Before the conversation can continue, Freeze Force tracks the group down. Gueira and Meis drive away so they can distract the group. However, Freeze Force already predicted this, resulting in the capture of multiple Burnish, including Thyma.

Promare Edit

Thyma reaches out

Thyma reaches out.

When Lio, Gueira, and Meis are captured and brought to their cell, Thyma was one of the prisoners inside. She attempted to reach out to Lio. He and the others can only show sympathy at this time, as their hands were still locked up. She questions why this is happening to them. When a prison breakout occurs later, Thyma was rescued alongside her fellow Burnish.

In a hidden away cave, Thyma is tended to by Lio and the others. He attempts Burnish CPR via mouth-to-mouth to save her. Even with this, Thyma dies to her wounds. Her body turns into ashes and fades away.

Relationships Edit

Mad Burnish Edit

After turning into a Burnish, Gueira and Meis take her with them to prevent any further actions from Burning Rescue or potentially Freeze Force. They later attempt to calm her down and even offer to have her join them. However, Freeze Force catches her after Gueira and Meis try to distract the armed police force.

The duo later find her in prison. They direct Lio's attention to her and help her escape alongside other Burnish.

Lio Edit

When Lio purposefully lands himself in prison, Thyma is shown reaching out to him. Despite likely never knowing her before, he hurries to her side. He later attempts to save her via Burnish CPR. His efforts are in vain as she dies with a slight smile.

Galo Edit

During the events of Galo-hen, Galo saves Thyma. Regaining consciousness, Thyma ends up turning and scars Galo's left arm. Galo later wishes to save a dying Thyma in the Burnish hideout. It is unknown if they recognized each other.

Aina Edit

When Galo launches himself and Thyma out of a window, Aina catches them. She promptly brings them to the ground. After Thyma turns, Aina is the one to think fast and put both her and Galo out. Aina theorizes that she had just turned and, thus, was not the cause of the aflame building.

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Trivia Edit

  • Thyma is greek for victim.
  • In the Memorial artbook, she is referred to as "Mad Burnish Lady." With Gueira and Meis offering to let her join, this could mean she would of joined in earlier drafts.
  • Heris and co

    Heris and co's employee badges.

    Thyma's employee badge sports a similar appearance to Heris'. Both have a golden diamond shape. This means she was an employee of Foresight Foundation as well.
  • Discounting wings, both Lio and Thyma are currently the only Burnish shown to create animals with their flames, with Thyma's being a snake.
  • Thyma and Aina are the only named female characters to show up in both prequel shorts and Promare.
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